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If you purchase a voucher from Azzurro over the coming weeks, you’re not just paying for a meal at some point in the future, when we can re-open. You are truly supporting a much-loved independent restaurant to weather this storm and survive, and come back stronger. Your kindness and generosity will also go towards helping us to pay the on-going overheads of a closed restaurant. Meaning that once we have come through this very challenging period, we can still open the doors of Azzurro and welcome you back.

Details of the vouchers are listed below, but we also wanted to let you know about something else that we intend to do. Our customers are not just customers. You are our friends. We know you. You know us. And we will miss you! So, with every voucher purchased, (if you give us your permission) we will add a tag with your name on it to our Azzurro brick wall in our dining room at home – the inspiration for the brick wall in the restaurant. Meaning, every time we sit down to eat as a family, we will be reminded of our Azzurro family. Once we re-open our restaurant, this beautiful display will be transferred there, as a permanent reminder of how you have supported us.

So, to the vouchers. We have these in three denominations – and as an additional thank you, each denomination will give you a little something, extra. On the house, as it were. As if we were still open:

  • £25 voucher : plus a cocktail of your choice on the house
  • £50 voucher : plus a bottle of house wine
  • £100 voucher : a round of cocktails (max 4) plus a bottle of Prosecco/ or wine of your choice

£25 Azzurro voucher

£50 Azzurro voucher

£100 Azzurro voucher

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